Dorothy Martin-Neville-0003 (2)Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville’s personal story is compelling, and sharing it is one cornerstone of her work. Born in the housing projects of South Boston, Dorothy was abandoned at birth. She was raised in an orphanage until age 3, when she was adopted back by her birth mother and stepfather, a policeman and physically abusive alcoholic. For the first three years after her adoption, she was left outside in a playpen for 16 hours a day, year-round, even through New England’s bitter winters.

In difficult circumstances, without healthy role models, somehow she still knew she could do and be anything she wanted, and dreams were the way. Through creating a series of dreams, Dorothy graduated from high school, became a Catholic nun, attended college, and pursued a career in social work. Eventually she wanted to see the world and traded her nun’s habit for an airline stewardess uniform.


We dream for a reason, and our dreams are meant to come true.  ~ Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville


After marrying, having two children, and becoming a single parent, Dorothy earned her Ph.D., became a licensed therapist and ordained minister, certified in multiple hands-on energy disciplines, and founded The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, a nationally recognized Energy Medicine School.

When her youngest child left the nest for college she pursued another dream, her move to the Caribbean island of Anguila. Traveling between Connecticut and the Caribbean while operating The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences, her certificate programs included group process experiences on Anguila.

Dorothy returned home to New England in 2006, heeding the call of a new dream. Now an author, international public speaker, and coach, she shares her message with the world: We dream for a reason, and our dreams are meant to come true.

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