What is Energy Medicine?
Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

The world of medical care has been a continuously changing and developing reality. In our deep past, when all medical care was based on products of the earth, using herbs, foods, and flowers for healing, human emotions were considered highly impactful on health and important tools in healing.

The development of technology, and its eventual position of being considered the beginning and end of effective medicine, caused everything that was non-technical, such as emotions and natural healing substances, to be set aside as inconsequential. What could have been an immensely advanced and supplemented health care protocol was instead replaced with a disheartened approach to the human body in which it was considered a machine.

Energy Medicine supports our health on all levels through the balanced flow of energy in our bodies.

As with most things in life, the pendulum is in the process of swinging back into balance. The multi-dimensional reality of who we are is being embraced by greater numbers of practitioners.

Energy Medicine is an important element of that shift. EKGs and EEGs are tools used by MDs to measure the energy patterns of our hearts and brains. Yet there is so much more energy to recognize and measure. Energy flows throughout our bodies, within every cell, every organ, and every system, not just our hearts and brains. With every move we make, every time our hearts beat, our eyes blink, energy is created and moved throughout our bodies.

We now know that every thought we have, every feeling, every emotion, is an energetic reality. These energetic realities are either permitted to flow through us readily in a balanced, even pattern, or they are held tightly and rejected as we attempt to suppress a particular thought, feeling or emotional experience because we have judged it, or ourselves, bad or scary. Each time we hold that thought, trying not to think it, we create an energetic block in our bodies.

One Client’s Experience

I had a patient once who had been to see physicians around the country due to immense pain throughout her body. No one could find anything wrong, yet she knew the pain was real. Eventually she came to see me. After a few months of a mix of psychotherapy and energy medicine, in which I would balance the energy flows throughout her body and release blocks where I could find them, she came in enraged. She began sobbing, saying that she hated her kids and always had. Her husband had wanted children, yet now he had a job in which he traveled, and he was only home on weekends. She had quit a job she loved and created a life she hated. She felt totally alone.

For the first time, she was able to cry and talk and share all of her feelings. She unloaded all that had been hidden inside for years: her sorrow, her rage, and her many desires to run away. She sobbed throughout the session. Soon after, she decided to get a part-time job, which she had previously thought good mothers did not do. She also came to realize that her children each had their own unique personalities and glorious gifts. Once unburdened of her suppressed feelings, she could see them in a new light.

A month after that difficult session, she noticed that since the day she had sobbed, ranted and raged, she had not had one pain in her body. She was baffled. The reality is that she finally let go of all those thoughts, feelings, and urges that she had repressed because she believed she should not have them. They had not gone away, but rather had gone into hiding, and she had been paying the price. She needed to release them, acknowledge her truth, whether she liked it or not, and find a healthy way to deal with it. She did, and her health, joy, peace, ability to love, even her sense of herself, returned.

By continuously releasing her energy blocks each week, eventually permitting them to loosen as they needed to, Energy Medicine supported her healing on all levels. Her spiritual beliefs, her love of life, her emotional state, and her physical state all dramatically shifted through the balanced flow of energy in her body. By learning to experience her body intimately, she learned to relax and be peaceful and joyful. With effort and intent, she also learned to reconnect with her soul’s message as it resonated throughout her body. She came home to herself.

Energy Medicine is Natural Medicine

Energy Medicine works with our bodies and the energy patterns that we have created, bringing balance when needed and healing when possible. It brings us into a far deeper level of awareness of our own bodies or reminds us of what we may have forgotten. It helps us achieve a light, flowing, joyful experience of life and all the blessings we have within it. It brings us back to who we really are.

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