The Institute of Healing Arts and Sciences Curriculum also featured group process as a core aspect with core impact. Whether physician, nurse, attorney, nutritionist, massage therapist, Tai Chi master, flower child reveling in an extraordinary life experience or recent divorcee on a journey of discovery, members of each class were challenged to find their authentic voice, share it, stay open to change and growth, and provide support to classmates without disrupting personal processes.

The work of learning to build, maintain, and deepen safety and trust was foundational to each certificate program. It prepared students to approach their own holistic practices with integrity born of self-knowledge and earned understanding of healthy boundaries.

3 and 4 year certificate programs included an Intimacy Workshop on the island of Anguila, IHAS founder Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville’s Caribbean home during those years. The IHAS Intimacy Workshop featured an immersive study of family dynamics and personal reflection time away from regular responsibilities. It was designed as a transformational culmination to certificate programs.

Through ongoing group process experiences, IHAS students formed deep bonds and lasting personal support systems. Resulting holistic practices—including collaborations—run as deep. Learn more here.

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