Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville began her psychotherapeutic work in the 1980s. After a time, because of her sense that something was missing, she studied advanced acupressure, iridology, reflexology, Reiki, breath work, hypnotherapy, Jin Shin Do, and Consegrity. She also trained with Barbara Brennan for four years. Dr. Dorothy developed a way of working that combined what she considered to be the best of these various modalities with her psychotherapeutic training. Because her approach was increasingly integrative, addressing the whole person, emotionally, spiritually, physically and energetically, she named it The W.I.S.E. MethodTM, encompassing the Wholistic, Integrated, Spiritual Energies of the body.

The primary understanding of this work is that we are all embodied souls. We are intrinsically holy beings who live in our truth only when we are in integrity and following our soul’s longings. However, many of us get caught up in being who we are “supposed” to be rather than who we are. We consequently repress any thoughts, feelings or emotions that may not fit a limited image of ourselves.

Since each thought, feeling or emotion is in fact an energetic reality, each of these moments of repression create what can best be described as an energetic cyst in the body. They are actually small energetic blocks: thoughts, feelings or emotions that we hold deep within our systems as we attempt to deny their existence. At some point, when we have accumulated enough of these energetic cysts, we begin to develop pain or symptoms in our bodies that physicians cannot find because they are still energetic. Eventually they may become physical problems if not released energetically.

The W.I.S.E. MethodTM works to support the release of these energetic blocks that can weigh us down and cause us to survive rather than to live. Patients with cancer and organic or systemic difficulties are all supported in healing with this method. We have learned that simply by moving energies within the body, healing begins to take place. As we also learn to recognize unhealthy belief systems that may have helped cause the development of the disorder, we are able to lessen the chance of a recurrence. Fear, anger, abandonment, loneliness, and other emotional problems can be released, and the body feels the difference.

Energetic healing does not always include curing. Sometimes it is used to provide peace and resolution before passing, or to bring closure to an old wound that needs to be released.

We can all learn to know when our bodies are out of balance, when there are pockets of tightness or weakness, and to address them before the cost becomes too high, perhaps even before the problem becomes physical. The deepest healing reaches the spiritual level of belief systems. This level of self-understanding and self-awareness allows us to practice self-healing, and to experience our life journeys as exciting adventures to be enjoyed and traveled fully.

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